Trail Conditions

3/27/2014 2pm

Always think safety when riding and check the conditions and be prepared

We have used all the trail grooming funds allotted for the season with over 500+ hours of grooming and will be closing some of the trails to avoid damage to land owner property.  We hope everyone has enjoyed one of the best snowmobile season and appreciate the efforts of the Seven Lakes Snowmobile  VOLUNTEER groomer operators.  See you on the trails next year.  Officially state trails close April 1st

  Check Snow Depths
Area Snow Base Surface** Conditions* Notes
Overall conditions  

Lakes in general
 slush and frozen slush
Large Lakes may have areas not safe
Use caution
Corridor 19

Cross Lakes  North (GEL, Ivanhoe, Balch)

Pine River Pond Knotty Pine Trail
Province Lake

Corridor 22 North of Brown's Ridge Rd.

Corridor 22  South of Brown's Ridge Rd.- to tracks in Brookfield

Cross Lakes South

Tracks from  Cotton  Valley to Miss Wakefield Dinner

Moose Mountain

Tumbledown Dick

Ms Wakefield Diner, Local Trails

*Trail condition codes:
P= Poor
CL=CLOSED, conditions do not permit riding

**Surface codes: G=Groomed
N= Not groomed in past 48 hours

Remember: YOU are responsible for your own safety. Ride safely and ride with a buddy.

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Saturday, 06 October
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