February 2018

President’s Message:

This is Brian Batchelder, President of the Seven Lakes Snowmobile Club. I figured this was a good time to introduce myself and discuss some issues that are important to me and the Club. A couple years ago a gentleman came up to me and asked if I would be interested in becoming the Snowmobile Groomer Coordinator of the North Side of the Club. He stated the member that is doing it now likes to go to Florida for a couple months, it’s hard to do the job from down there. So, I have been doing the coordinating for a couple years. I came up with a system that works for everybody. That guy that approached me was Len Abrahamson, President of the Club. 

Len was a great guy, took the Club and everything he did seriously. I went over to visit a couple times while he was ill. He asked me if I would like to take over the position of President of the Club. I told him I really didn’t know a lot about how it ran. He assured me I would have all the help I needed to make it work. So, here I am, President of the Seven Lakes Snowmobile Club. We lost Len Abrahamson on July 16, 2017. Again, he did a lot for this Club. All I can do is hope to carry on and keep the Club running smooth. People must remember, we can only work with what we have. If we have snow, we will groom. What people forget is the same people that keep our trails open, cut trees and build bridges are out there on their own time. This is a strictly volunteer club. They groom, they go to meetings and they like to ride as much as anybody else, maybe more. So, if you go out and buy a $12,000 sled and the trails are not perfect, it’s not because we don’t try. Stay safe, ride smart and be respectful of the land owners and stay on the trail. Thank you, Brian

Tucker Loan:


At the January BOD meeting, it was voted to pay an extra $5,000 on our loan. Thank you all for your donations of money, time and labor.


General Meeting/Potluck:


Saturday, March 10th at the Public Safety Building. Meeting 5pm and dinner at 6pm. More info to follow.

Easter Seals:


Thank you for your donations which enabled us to donate $700 to Easter Seals supporting Camp Sno-Mo for children and young adults with special needs. In addition, we filled a gift basket to be raffled off at the NHSA/Easter Seals Ride-In. Thank you to the following businesses for their donations to the gift basket. Lino’s, Poor Peoples’ Pub, Tumbledown Café, Longmeadow Hardware, Blue Bay, New Deal, Country Goods, Seven Lakes Provisions, Woodman’s Stove, Profile Bank, Bye Insurance, Sharper Image/Town Country, Sandy Ouellett Crafts, Sheepdog & Halligan, John White Granite, and Ace Hardware.




Each year we ask for volunteers to replace full trash receptacles with empty ones at the racetrack. The club is paid $7/hour per/volunteer. This income is an important part of our budget. We need someone to coordinate the effort. We have an existing list of names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, and will train and guide whoever steps up.




There has been no groomer activity since mid-January due to poor weather conditions and lack of snow. Fortunately, all bridges are in good shape, but trails are very icy and in need of substantial snow. We are servicing the groomers and will be ready when the snow comes. In the meantime, it is best to stay off the trail system.




It isn’t too late to join our club. The NHSA on-line membership program is again open. It’s easy. Just go to www.nhsamembership.com. You can also join through PayPal; mail your check and application to P O Box 311, E Wakefield 03830; or join when you register your sleds at: Longmeadow Hardware, New Deal, Country Goods, Seven Lakes Provisions, and Nutes