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Grooming can be one of the most satisfying activities in the club.  But it's more than just getting in the machine and pulling a drag through the woods. 


It's about knowing what's under the snow, which comes from working on the trails. 


It's about knowing snow, how it behaves, type of snow and base you are working. 


It's about knowing the weather...what's coming...and what has just passed. 


Then, it's about knowing the machine.

All these things can be learned.

Grooming used to be a strictly late night operation for dedicated few.

There still are late nights for the Tucker operators but with a host of lighter equipment

and well managed Grooming Operations there's far more opportunities

to get folks out there making flat trails happen!

If you have the passion, a healthy curiosity and a desire to learn

then talk to us about grooming!

Seven Lakes Groomer Operator Guidelines

  • A valid driver's license and groomer certificate is required to operate grooming equipment

  • If you are under 18 and meet the above requirement you may only operate equipment accompanied by an 18+ certified operator

  • You must be 18+ and properly trained to operate alone

  • Your groomer certificate must be in hand before you can operate any equipment either alone or with a certified groomer

The process to become a groomer for Seven Lakes...

  • Start doing trail work to learn the trails.  Come to meetings, be involved.

  • Watch the NH Safety Awareness Training video on this page and take the quiz.

  • Save the quiz as a file and email it to our Grooming Chairperson HERE or email

  • Wait to get your certificate back from the state.  The club will get it to you.

  • Once you are certified you can begin training in the light equipment to get a firm understanding of the principles we adhere to.


  • Tucker training starts with a ride along with an Operator skilled at training.

  • You will learn about our trails, snow, grooming, and the machinery.

  • When you and the Operator are comfortable, you can try driving.

    • The Operator will help you by running some of the controls as you learn.

  • To become an Operator who can be scheduled for runs you will need to demonstrate that you can run the equipment in different conditions, demonstrate good grooming habits, understand how to care for the equipment, gain experience recovering equipment (winching and detaching / re-attaching the drag)

  • Depending on weather & ability, becoming a Tucker Operator can take a year or more.

  • Once you are an Operator you can take shifts with other Operators & train others!

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