Why Become a Member?

  • Enjoy a sense of community surrounding the sport you love.

  • Contribute directly toward the trails in your backyard that can take you across state lines and country borders!

  • SLSC events for all ages have experienced quite a turnout over the years.

  • You're supporting one of several area clubs that collaborate in creating our regional trail system.

  • The Club actively supports the NH Snowmobile Association, Easter Seals, local fire and rescue departments as well as volunteering in many events across the state.

  • The Club advocates safety by conducting a safety course each year for youngsters age 12 to 16 and others new to the sport of snowmobiling.

  • You're adding to a family of snowmobilers working hard to secure the future of our sport.

  • ONE Membership gets a $30.00 registration discount for EVERY sled in your name / family (for family memberships)!

  • SLSC is a member of the NHSA meaning all club members also get a complimentary NHSA membership!

There are 3 options to Join

Please see the options below

Join by Mail

Join by Mail


  • Print out the membership form.

  • Mail the completed form with a check for the membership fees to the Club.

  • The Proof of Membership voucher will be mailed to you after the form is received and processed.

Join by Email


  • Fill out the membership form on the next page.

  • Pay the membership fee through PayPal via the online form.

  • The Proof of Memebership voucher will be mailed to you after the form is received and processed.

Join by NHSA


  • Follow the link provided below to be directed to the NHSA website.

  • Follow the instructions on the NHSA website to complete

  • The Proof of Membership voucher will be available for download or printed.

Click the link above or one of the links to the right or left to be taken to PayPal.